Drains and sewers

Alcantarillado Canaragua

Advanced management of sewer system cleaning and inspection

The sewer system


Like the supply system, the sewer system is part of the complete water cycle. The two work together to ensure public health. The sewer system collects and transports wastewater and safely and correctly discharges it into the receiving environment.

By removing and controlling wastewater in city centres, a municipal sewer system protects the population, the city and the environment.

The water that enters the sewer system has been used for various purposes in our homes and by companies. Thanks to this system, wastewater and stormwater can be gathered and transported to the various wastewater treatment plants. Pumping stations are required to propel the wastewater to the plants.

At Canaragua, we are very aware of the future. That's why we promote innovative systems to ensure that stormwater and treated wastewater are managed sustainability and to prevent the environmental deterioration caused by contaminated water.

We manage the sewer system efficiently using a new concept: advanced management of sewer system cleaning and inspection (GALIA, in its Spanish acronym). This method identifies where, when, and how frequently cleaning should be done.

GALIA helps us to act only where necessary and to increase the frequency at trouble spots when needed. In addition, with GALIA, we are able to select of the most suitable media for each need. Consequently, the result is the utmost quality and a guarantee of performance.