Distribución de agua

Water supply management

Water distribution

Protection of natural resources, which are scarce and valuable, is a continuous challenge. Efficient use of resources is a vital objective that we face every day. We dedicate a considerable amount of our daily work to this goal, to achieve this objective. One of the main actions in this area is ensuring that we make the most of available water flows. This means that avoiding unnecessary losses due to faults, inadequate maintenance of networks, loss through fraud, etc., are one of the priorities to which efforts, means, and human and material resources are allocated.

We carry out thorough analysis and control, and make constant improvements in the distribution network to manage water resources sustainably.

The main aim in water distribution is to reduce the loss of natural resources and improve efficiency. This produces environmental and economic benefits for all.

To achieve excellence in the control of losses and increase water output, we need to access the latest technical and technological advances that aid us in this task. Sometimes we even develop and directly implement these advances through our own knowledge. Detection of losses in the water networks as soon as they appear enables us to act faster to resolve the incident. In turn, this means that we can reduce the volume of resources wasted.

Consequently, we have established centralised control centres in our water distribution services that allow us to control operations remotely and access information in real time. Centralised control centres incorporate:

  • A geographic information system (GIS).
  • Remote reading of measuring equipment for controls in the various sectors and remote meter reading of users' water consumption.
  • SCADA remote control system.
  • AQUACIS commercial information system.
  • In addition, we have developed security systems, including both logic-based systems to protect our facilities from cyber-attacks and physical systems.

The integration of these technologies has positioned Canaragua as a leader in water efficiency when it comes to managing the water supply for the population. Integration has been possible through complex technical work to create a joint system that can be used to gain an immediate overview of the supply networks, with data from various media and facilities.