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Want to get the most out of our website for managing your account?

In the Customer Service Area on our website you can carry out all the transactions related to your account quickly, easily and hassle-free, whenever it’s most convenient for you and on whatever device you choose (such as your mobile or computer).

To show you the main transactions and advantages available in your private area, we have created a series of short videos explaining how they work.

  • Register in the Customer Service Area: follow the steps to register in your private area and start managing your contract when best suits you.


  • Create a list of bills due: create your own list of bills due and pay them through your bank. Do it without leaving the house! Just use the code we generate in the document to pay the bill via your bank’s website.


  • Download your bills: access past bills and download them in machine-readable format whenever you like.


  • Payment of bills: in case you do not have your receipts domiciled, but you have a bank card, access and through a secure payment gateway you can pay your bills.


Discover how to get the most out of the private area and all the options on offer, so you can carry out your transactions whenever is easiest.